• Posters
    Add life to your walls and let us help you design and create the perfect poster for your retail space. Our team of designers can assist you in a technical fashion to help convey your message in a professional yet creative way. Our posters' sizes range from small to very large. Vivimar also has the ability to offer any length you need.
  • Floor Stickers
    Use retail floor stickers to add extra promotional space to your store! They’re always noticed by your consumers and can add life to any retail space. Use them to convey a message or to guide your clients in the store. Floor stickers are always a creative way to communicate with the consumer in the area of the store that you wish to promote.
  • Banners
    From storefronts to setups at big events, personalized banners are easy to design – and hard to miss. Get a great value with great readability, indoors or out. Banners are perfect for bold, colorful images. Our expertise allows us to print banners up to 16 feet tall with any length possible. We also deliver our banners in a single piece making the installation process easier.
  • Window Decals
    Show your promotions using our electrostatic window decals. A product easy to reposition, move and clean. Giving you a professional and clean look. Show your promotions and sales in large format on your windows and take advantage of our see-through material allowing the light inside your store while your message is displayed on the outside.
  • Real Estate Signage
    If the motto of the real estate industry is "Location, Location, Location" then the focus of those involved in selling it should be on "Signs, Signs, Signs.” Every real estate professional knows the importance of curb appeal. A good first impression makes a sale much easier and Vivimar can help you produce the best real estate signage.  
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